Taking A Day Off…

Well, the schedule over here has been ridiculously hectic, so no review today.

Normal service will, of course, be resumed. This is just to make sure my stock doesn’t plummet…

Any film requests, people? Been watching anything good recently? Or do you just simply want to chat?

Well that can’t be done – as I said I’m very busy. Call your mother if you want a chat! Now scram, before I call the rozzers! I know what you look like!

44 thoughts on “Taking A Day Off…

  1. Definition of rosser
    : one that rosses:
    a: a logger who peels the bark and smooths the wood on one side of logs so they can be dragged more easily
    — called also barker, scalper, slipper


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    1. Who knew you were such an expert on rossers? Five question marks is fair – I’m unashamedly going to blame spell checker for changing it. Check in a minute, and then everyone can laugh at you for such an out of context comment hahahahahahaha!


  2. Well, we all need time off. Especially from that Glaswegian lunatic. I wonder if he’d be updating so often if he wasn’t under house arrest. But I guess the Internet gives him some outlet. That and his all-too active fantasy life. Enjoy the hot tub!

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    1. I wish it was time off. In fact, blogging is my time off! It’s just been incredibly busy this side of the water. Although, I think I’ve got a good film lined up for Friday!

      The internet is an incredibly dangerous outlet for him to spread his misinformation. Kevin Costner a good actor! Pfft. I would like to spend just 5 minutes inside his head to see what went on. I reckon you’d be a prevalent character. Villain or sidekick is up for him to decide. The hot tub is lovely!


      1. I don’t think it would be wise to stay any longer than five minutes. Remember the warning Clarice gets in Silence of the Lambs?

        And yes, Costner is hopeless.

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        1. Are you comparing him to Hannibal Lecter? Fair enough, I see the resemblance. He warned me to not agree with your “corrosive” opinions, but now I’m being to think it was all part of some devious plan…


  3. A day? I say take a week off, really dig in and enjoy your work and forget all about this hobby/fun stuff. Fun is for fosers!
    (that’s losers but spelled with an “f” to match the “f” in fun. I bring my A game when I comment here)

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    1. I’m glad you’re amusing yourself, as per usual. However, it’s something of a hairy debate over whether foser is a derogatory or complimentary term. Yes, it means loser, but it means a fun loser. In fact, I think it applies perfectly to you.

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        1. It’ll be a great break for them to tackle something of such literary merit. Meryl Streep will play Fraggle, and Jim Henson’s Anamatronic Workshop are working on a Bookstodge character, voiced by Steven Segal. It’ll be a great DVD which you can then buy and watch at home.

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    1. Well, Frances McDormand is a brilliant actor, so I’m not surprised, and I love haunting and dark films. I’ve heard a lot of good things, and just haven’t got round to watching it yet. However, after another recommendation from you, well, I think I need to watch this film already! It’s firmly on the list🤞

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  4. I don’t want to get into a slanging match with Fraggle and TenSeconds scary mask man, but I don’t reckon much to Frances. She plays Frances pretty well, and has managed to do that in every role so far. Perhaps they will giive me some Oscars for being me? Maybe if I was married to the person who gave me the starring role in all their films? That might work. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    (By the way, I don’t think Julia Roberts is much cop either…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Ooh! Well that sure is an unpopular view. I would love to see a slanging match, but while I wait, I’ll tell you what I think. In my opinion, she’s a great actress. And if that isn’t true, she’s made some brilliant choices – Fargo, Mississippi Burning, Nomadland, Three Billboards… I could go on. Look at Tom Hanks for a moment. We always see him as a great actor – he is – but his choices have been extraordinarily good to transform himself from Splash to Forrest Gump to The Green Mile.

      A pleasure to follow your blog. I really like your stuff, and Alex Good, who fails on Chandler Swain’s quizzes in your shadow, directed me over there and it was clear you know your stuff. The less we talk about Julia Roberts the better. She can’t act to save her life. End of.

      Thanks, Otsy

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      1. I have to agree. She was excellent as Frances in Fargo, and I really liked her as Frances in Three Billboards too.
        Talking of Tom Hanks, I also think he plays a first rate Tom Hanks, and never fails to deliver a convincing performance as Tom. 🙂 🙂
        The only reason I am any good at Chandler’s quizzes is, 1) Because I am old enough to have seen the films, and 2) Because of a mis-spent youth attending the National Film Theatre on London’s South Bank.
        I haven’t watched many films lately, but I enjoyed and reviewed ‘Peterloo’ recently.

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        1. Ha! Point taken. But it shows limited actors can still make a name for themselves if they’re really good at that one character.

          Mis-spent?! I couldn’t think a better way to spend it. And, hey, maybe next time Chandler publishes a quiz, I’ll try and give you a little competition, eh? Liven things up a little?

          Did you enjoy Peterloo? Heard of it but never watched. I’ll try and find your review on your site – it better be easy to navigate…

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