…Who’s the greatest quizmaster of them all? Aw, thank you! You’re too kind-

Oh, hello there! Welcome to the 12th edition of the Over-The-Shoulder quiz! Apologies for the mix up in the posting – it became apparent to me earlier this morning that I wouldn’t be able to get out the film review today. But don’t worry, because it’ll still be coming on Sunday.

Anyway, this week it’s time for mirrors and reflections! Just guess the film or TV series the mirror appears in. Here are the answers from the last quiz, all about glasses, where there was some very impressive guessing…


  1. Some Like It Hot
  2. Pretty in Pink
  3. Risky Business
  4. They Live
  5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  6. Major League
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird
  8. A Single Man
  9. Lolita
  10. Moonwalker
  11. North by North West
  12. American Hustle
  13. Papillon
  14. National Treasure
  15. Bringing Up Baby
  16. Ipcress File
  17. Sweet Smell of Success
  18. Love Story
  19. What’s Up, Doc?
  20. Vertigo
  21. Sin City
  22. Life
  23. The Big Sleep
  24. How to Marry a Millionaire

Right, with that done, let’s get on with it!


























Good luck! Fraggle returned last week in emphatic fashion with the win, but can the feat be replicated? I look forward to your guesses!


  1. I am resting on my laurels, good luck to everyone!

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    1. Thanks Fraggle!

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    1) The Dark Knight

    and I rocket into the lead!!!!!!

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    1. Ooh! So close! 🤏

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      1. Bookstooge says:

        This is what I love about quizzes so much 😀

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  3. Brian Hannan says:

    Have to say a few loose definitions of the idea of mirror, but we’ll let that pass.
    1 Joker 2 Enter Dragon 3 Taxi Driver 4 Raging Bull 5 Shining 7 Apocalypse Now 9 Aviator 11 Bridge of Spies 13 Inception 14 Candyman ….

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    1. Haha! Hey, I did say reflections too… 😉
      Thanks for playing, Brian. Out of your 9 guesses, you got… 8 correct! Not bad at all. 7 with Apocalypse Now was your only miss…

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      1. Brian Hannan says:

        8 out of 9 or more accurately 8 our of 25. what was Apocalypse Now?

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        1. No one managed to get this one but it was Brando’s 1967 film Reflections in a Golden Eye.

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        2. Brian Hannan says:

          The title should have been the giveaway.

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  4. Mirror, mirror, am I the brightest quizz-breaker the world have ever made ?
    1) Joker
    2) Enter the Dragon
    4) Raging Bull
    5) Shining
    9) The Aviator
    10) Inglourious Basterds
    11) Bridge of spies
    12) Manhunter
    13) Inception
    17) The lady of Shangai
    19) The big sleep
    20) Peeping Tom
    22) M
    25) Citizen Kane
    Not so bright obviously…

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    1. Not so bright, you say? Lets have another look at that…
      Out of 14 guesses, I’m happy to say you got… 13 correct! Congratulations! You got some tough ones, too. Peeping Tom at 20 was your only miss, but it’s still enough to give you the win this round! Well played!

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  5. Answers coming… Can I post them here?

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    1. Answers received! 👍


  6. Well this is hardly a spoiler😆 Really struggled in the 2nd half.

    1) Joker
    2) Enter The Dragon
    3) Taxi Driver
    5) The Shining
    6) Memento
    7) A Bridge on The River Kwai
    8) Miami Vice
    9) The Aviator!
    10) Inglorious Basterds
    11) Rockwell
    12) American Psycho
    13) Inception
    15) Citizen Kane
    16) Christian Slater
    17) Double Indemnity
    19) Casablanca
    20) American Werewolf in London
    22) Jekyl & Hyde
    25) Citizen Kane

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    1. Well, you did well in the first half, for sure. You got 8 out of 12 – very respectable; in the second half, it didn’t go as well – you made some good guesses, but I’m afraid I can only reward you with Citizen Kane for 25. So, in total? 9! This was a tough one, so a very good score, in my opinion!

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  7. 1. Joker
    2. Enter the Dragon
    3. Taxi Driver
    4. Raging Bull
    5. The Shining
    6. Memento
    8. Boogie Nights
    11. Bridge of Spies
    13. Inception
    18. L.A. Confidential
    25. Citizen Kane

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    1. Of course, none wrong! So a very respectable 11 out of 11 – only two off the win! Only person to get L.A. and Boogie Nights as well, so congratulations on that!

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