Apocalypse Now Is Not About Vietnam. It Is Vietnam

War. Is there anything more harrowing, more destructive, more dehumanising? Probably not. So it’s certainly not much of a surprise that it’s been constantly replicated throughout cinema, across plenty of genres, from Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and Paths of Glory, to black satires Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, to monumental classics A Bridge Too Far and TheContinue reading “Apocalypse Now Is Not About Vietnam. It Is Vietnam”

Full Metal Jacket: Born To Kill

Kubrick continues! Crazily, the last film of his reviewed on the blog was back in July with Dr. Strangelove, so it’s welcome to see him return – interestingly, there are some similarities between his 1964 nuclear doomsday satire and Full Metal Jacket, but we’ll get to that soon… The 1987 film focuses on a pragmaticContinue reading “Full Metal Jacket: Born To Kill”

Brazil: The Absurdity Of Oppression

SPOILERS! What the hell has happened? I myself am a man strongly averse to sci-fi ever since the innocent first days of my life – and proud of it ever since. Now look at the blog: Arrival, Children of Men, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, even The Prestige! And it’s not stopped yet, because hereContinue reading “Brazil: The Absurdity Of Oppression”

The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre: Potently Prospecting Paranoia

Stephen King. Alice Cooper. Hillary Clinton. Richard Dreyfuss. Jean Reno. What do these people all have in common? They’re all 73 years old. And do you know who else is? That’s right: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. The 1948 Warner Bros film follows two destitute Americans, the paranoid and temperamental Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) andContinue reading “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre: Potently Prospecting Paranoia”

Forget Die Hard: Remember 12 Monkeys

SPOILERS! Day 5? I’ve lost track. But here we are people, and this should be a good one: 12 Monkeys focuses on James Cole (Bruce Willis), a convict in the year 2035, who is sent back in time to try and work out the cause of a virulent disease that wiped out five billion humansContinue reading “Forget Die Hard: Remember 12 Monkeys”

Night Of The Comet: The Feel-Good Apocalypse

“If John Hughes did an apocalypse movie.” That’s how one person described Night of the Comet to me. And, well, you can’t help but feel they’re exactly right. To give that some perspective, John Hughes – the director of the 80s, with The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (simply the greatest film), Sixteen CandlesContinue reading “Night Of The Comet: The Feel-Good Apocalypse”

Children Of Men: Overcooked, Undercooked And Nothing In Between

It’s day two in Over-The-Shoulder’s mini apocalypse, and Children of Men is the second film to be served on a silver platter for us to devour in a dismal cannibalistic lifestyle. But it’s an apocalypse – who can blame us? Anyway: Set in 2027 Britain, where eighteen years of infertility, global tension, terrorist attacks andContinue reading “Children Of Men: Overcooked, Undercooked And Nothing In Between”

Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare

And the themed week begins! It was a very close run thing on what to decide on, but a decision had to be made. Don’t worry if it your choice wasn’t picked this time – there were some great suggestions, and I’ll be sure to return to some of them. But here we are, people.Continue reading “Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare”

The Usual Suspects Plays Dirty, But Only The Most Stylish Can Get Away With It

SPOILERS! The ending of any story is usually what we remember most vividly: the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes; the head in the box in Se7en; the “Forget it, Jake” line in Chinatown; Tony Montana’s little friend in Scarface; the chilling look from Norman Bates in Psycho; or that infamous closing ofContinue reading “The Usual Suspects Plays Dirty, But Only The Most Stylish Can Get Away With It”

Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget

SPOILERS! As I write these reviews, I (mostly…) attempt to tentatively link each film to similar ones in a sort of theme, I guess, over a longer period of time. I went through a Danish/Thomas Vinterberg phase for a time; any of my more pious readers will know paranoid ’70s films has been the majorContinue reading “Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget”

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