The Many Saints Of Newark: The Perfect Prologue?

SPOILER FREE! The Sopranos returns! One of the most highly regarded HBO series ever made, backboned by pure quality, an impeccable reputation and plenty of diehard fans, fourteen years have passed since its controversial finale. But are you still feeling underwhelmed by the silent cut to black? Well, you’ll be delighted to know it’s longContinue reading “The Many Saints Of Newark: The Perfect Prologue?”

Dunkirk: Still The Greatest War Film Of All Time?

So, it appears that Kubrick and war can amalgamate into harrowing glory – or at least that’s what we’ve seen from Full Metal Jacket. But is Nolan, a director also renowned for his breathtaking visuals, analytically cold classics and lack of regard for the orthodox, compatible with conflict? 2017’s Dunkirk is set in France, ravagedContinue reading “Dunkirk: Still The Greatest War Film Of All Time?”

American Gigolo: What’s Behind The Mask?

With Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter set to get its theatrical release here in the UK on the 5th of November, marking the return of the giant after 2017’s First Reformed, is it not surely time to return to one of his most underrated, cult classics? Clear the floor people: here comes American Gigolo. TheContinue reading “American Gigolo: What’s Behind The Mask?”

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: Uplifting, Disheartening And Just About Everything In Between

SPOILERS! Everyone knows that the ’70s were the greatest decade for cinema. It’s an undeniable fact: The Godfather, I and II; Apocalypse Now; Taxi Driver; Chinatown; The Conversation; The Deer Hunter; The French Connection – and that’s just to name a few of the very best. So where does One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s NestContinue reading “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: Uplifting, Disheartening And Just About Everything In Between”

Apocalypse Now Is Not About Vietnam. It Is Vietnam

War. Is there anything more harrowing, more destructive, more dehumanising? Probably not. So it’s certainly not much of a surprise that it’s been constantly replicated throughout cinema, across plenty of genres, from Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and Paths of Glory, to black satires Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, to monumental classics A Bridge Too Far and TheContinue reading “Apocalypse Now Is Not About Vietnam. It Is Vietnam”

The Maltese Falcon: The Proud Parent Of Huston, Bogart And Noir

In my Treasure of the Sierra Madre review, I remarked upon the incredible age of the classic, which, at the time of writing, clocked in at 73 senior, but still felt as contemporary as ever. Here, two of it’s cinematic legends in Humphrey Bogart and John Huston return with The Maltese Falcon, and can goContinue reading “The Maltese Falcon: The Proud Parent Of Huston, Bogart And Noir”

A Very, Very Short Review: The Sound Of Metal

Originally, I wasn’t going to review The Sound of Metal, but – wow. It’s not half bad, so I felt I had to give it the service it deserves. Of course, I’m a little late to the party here, but of an inferior pack of films up for the 2021 Oscars, The Sound of MetalContinue reading “A Very, Very Short Review: The Sound Of Metal”

Full Metal Jacket: Born To Kill

Kubrick continues! Crazily, the last film of his reviewed on the blog was back in July with Dr. Strangelove, so it’s welcome to see him return – interestingly, there are some similarities between his 1964 nuclear doomsday satire and Full Metal Jacket, but we’ll get to that soon… The 1987 film focuses on a pragmaticContinue reading “Full Metal Jacket: Born To Kill”

Brazil: The Absurdity Of Oppression

SPOILERS! What the hell has happened? I myself am a man strongly averse to sci-fi ever since the innocent first days of my life – and proud of it ever since. Now look at the blog: Arrival, Children of Men, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, even The Prestige! And it’s not stopped yet, because hereContinue reading “Brazil: The Absurdity Of Oppression”

The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre: Potently Prospecting Paranoia

Stephen King. Alice Cooper. Hillary Clinton. Richard Dreyfuss. Jean Reno. What do these people all have in common? They’re all 73 years old. And do you know who else is? That’s right: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. The 1948 Warner Bros film follows two destitute Americans, the paranoid and temperamental Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) andContinue reading “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre: Potently Prospecting Paranoia”

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