Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare

And the themed week begins! It was a very close run thing on what to decide on, but a decision had to be made. Don’t worry if it your choice wasn’t picked this time – there were some great suggestions, and I’ll be sure to return to some of them. But here we are, people.Continue reading “Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare”

The Usual Suspects Plays Dirty, But Only The Most Stylish Can Get Away With It

SPOILERS! The ending of any story is usually what we remember most vividly: the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes; the head in the box in Se7en; the “Forget it, Jake” line in Chinatown; Tony Montana’s little friend in Scarface; the chilling look from Norman Bates in Psycho; or that infamous closing ofContinue reading “The Usual Suspects Plays Dirty, But Only The Most Stylish Can Get Away With It”

Sweet Smell Of Success: Mackendrick Goes To Hollywood!

In 1955’s The Ladykillers, we’d seen Scottish director Alexander Mackendrick reach his best yet. But suddenly, Ealing Studios was closing. So what does a promising director do? He goes to Hollywood, boys and girls. He goes to Hollywood. Sweet Smell of Success is the story of sleazy, fast talking, “cookie full of arsenic” press agentContinue reading “Sweet Smell Of Success: Mackendrick Goes To Hollywood!”

Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget

SPOILERS! As I write these reviews, I (mostly…) attempt to tentatively link each film to similar ones in a sort of theme, I guess, over a longer period of time. I went through a Danish/Thomas Vinterberg phase for a time; any of my more pious readers will know paranoid ’70s films has been the majorContinue reading “Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget”

Never Forget Chinatown

Back in the 1970s, they used to make films for adults. The French Connection, The Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver, The Godfather: Part II, and, of course, Chinatown. There’s not many films that go as bleak and dark as this. And that’s got to be a reason to love it. Chinatown is about J.J. “Jake” GittesContinue reading “Never Forget Chinatown”

Klute: Character Study Or Detective Thriller?

Klute was the first of the Pakula paranoid trilogy – The Parallax View came three years later, and All The Presidents Men five. So why have I done it in this perverse order? I’ll be asking the questions, young padawan! Really, it should be called Bree (Jane Fonda), because the Fonda character is what carriesContinue reading “Klute: Character Study Or Detective Thriller?”

Comedy, Noir Or Altman? The Long Goodbye

In life, when surrounded by some of the horrors of humanity, you can go two ways. Number one is full out Travis Bickle, losing your mind and aiming to wipe all the ‘scum’ off the streets. Not a bad option, and many go for this choice, and they seem too fare well enough. The otherContinue reading “Comedy, Noir Or Altman? The Long Goodbye”

The Awesome Bleakness Of The French Connection

This happens to be a great film, yet also an action film, yet also with a deep, dark message. How? In the modern age, it’s sad that all of those are basically exclusive from one another. But, back in the early seventies, The French Connection was just about ready to revolutionise cinema. The story isContinue reading “The Awesome Bleakness Of The French Connection”

Is It Safe? Marathon Man

Is it safe? That is the question that haunts many of our characters throughout Marathon Man, and likely you while you watch as well. Lets set the scene… Babe (Dustin Hoffman) is a graduate student, training to run a marathon, who gets dragged into a dangerous conspiracy to retrieve stolen diamonds involving Nazi war criminalContinue reading “Is It Safe? Marathon Man”

The Godfather Of Thrillers: The Silence of the Lambs

Have the lambs stopped screaming, all these thirty years later? Certainly not. The Silence of the Lambs remains as ominous as it ever has, and still best watched with a nice glass of Chianti. Can’t get your hands on some? I guess this review will have to do then. The Silence of the Lambs needsContinue reading “The Godfather Of Thrillers: The Silence of the Lambs”

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