Klute: Character Study Or Detective Thriller?

Klute was the first of the Pakula paranoid trilogy – The Parallax View came three years later, and All The Presidents Men five. So why have I done it in this perverse order? I’ll be asking the questions, young padawan! Really, it should be called Bree (Jane Fonda), because the Fonda character is what carriesContinue reading “Klute: Character Study Or Detective Thriller?”

The Parallax View: The Power Of Silence

Dialogue. Pfft. So annoying, right? Wrong! Dialogue is great, but vastly overused. So it’s great to see a film come along like this, that has been cut and cut and cut a little more… The Parallax View is about Joe Frady (Warren Beatty), a political journalist, who gets sucked into a world of distrust, paranoiaContinue reading “The Parallax View: The Power Of Silence”

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