Better Call Saul: A Slow Motion Train Crash

WARNING: SPOILERS I’m back, baby! What has it been? Three weeks? A month? A year? I really couldn’t say, but who cares? And you’re in for a treat today, because what’s a better way to rise from the ashes than with the hit AMC series Better Call Saul? It’s hard to argue that this isn’tContinue reading “Better Call Saul: A Slow Motion Train Crash”

Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?

Do not worry, dear reader. I will still be reviewing a film or TV series twice a week, but alongside that I have decided to introduce Trivia. Every so often I’ll be answering questions relating to your favourite shows or flicks, giving my opinion and doing a lot of research. Maybe it will be moreContinue reading “Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?”

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