Dunkirk: Still The Greatest War Film Of All Time?

So, it appears that Kubrick and war can amalgamate into harrowing glory – or at least that’s what we’ve seen from Full Metal Jacket. But is Nolan, a director also renowned for his breathtaking visuals, analytically cold classics and lack of regard for the orthodox, compatible with conflict? 2017’s Dunkirk is set in France, ravagedContinue reading “Dunkirk: Still The Greatest War Film Of All Time?”

The Prestige: Is Magic Real, Or A Trick?

SPOILERS! Remember when I reviewed Memento? That was nearly a month ago, but revisiting Nolan for his own retrospective was always going to be a plan worth pursuing. And The Prestige is similar to Memento in the fact it’s often been overshadowed by Nolan’s flashier blockbusters, but is it one of his best? Does itContinue reading “The Prestige: Is Magic Real, Or A Trick?”

Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget

SPOILERS! As I write these reviews, I (mostly…) attempt to tentatively link each film to similar ones in a sort of theme, I guess, over a longer period of time. I went through a Danish/Thomas Vinterberg phase for a time; any of my more pious readers will know paranoid ’70s films has been the majorContinue reading “Memento: The Thriller That’s Impossible To Forget”

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