Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare

And the themed week begins! It was a very close run thing on what to decide on, but a decision had to be made. Don’t worry if it your choice wasn’t picked this time – there were some great suggestions, and I’ll be sure to return to some of them. But here we are, people.Continue reading “Blade Runner: A Beautiful Nightmare”

Out Of Sight… Out Of Mind?

It was 74 days ago when I reviewed Logan Lucky (if you can believe it), but I was never going to be done with Soderbergh. So I decided to return to the quirky, bald filmmaker with 1998’s Out of Sight… Prolific banker robber Jack Foley (George Clooney) escapes from custody, only to be seen byContinue reading “Out Of Sight… Out Of Mind?”

Never Forget Chinatown

Back in the 1970s, they used to make films for adults. The French Connection, The Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver, The Godfather: Part II, and, of course, Chinatown. There’s not many films that go as bleak and dark as this. And that’s got to be a reason to love it. Chinatown is about J.J. “Jake” GittesContinue reading “Never Forget Chinatown”

Why The Hidden Gem American Animals Is So Captivating

This is a true story. I know. I didn’t have the intangible excuse of saying how unbelievable this heist was and that it would never happen in real life – because it did. There was something really appealing about this film throughout, but I’ll come on to that a little bit later. American Animals isContinue reading “Why The Hidden Gem American Animals Is So Captivating”

Why All the President’s Men Is The History Lesson We All Need

It’s weird. How can, even though I know what’s going to happen, a story be so gripping? Watergate is very well known. But the finer details – how did they managed to come to the conclusion? And therefore force Nixon’s resignation? Who was really involved? What evidence did they actually find? How did they endContinue reading “Why All the President’s Men Is The History Lesson We All Need”

Why Fargo Is The Perfect Coen Brothers’ Film

The snow in Fargo wasn’t real. I’m just going to come out and say it. Of course, not all of it. But it was the hottest winter in Minnesota for a long time, so most of it was artificial. I’m sorry if I just crushed your dreams. But the truth must come out. Right now,Continue reading “Why Fargo Is The Perfect Coen Brothers’ Film”

Why Se7en Is Scarier Than Your Typical Horror

There may be spoilers ahead, and some unpleasant images… After the success of last week’s Tuesday review, I said to myself why not try it again. And here we are, dear reader. Enjoy! It seems the logical next move – Brad Pitt and David Fincher, tying in with Kevin Spacey and the exciting genre ofContinue reading “Why Se7en Is Scarier Than Your Typical Horror”

How Subliminal Messaging And Unreliable Narrators Make Fight Club One Of The Best

SPOILERS are in this post! If you don’t want to ruin the film, go watch it, so you can come back and enjoy this review. Happy readings! We all have different sides to our personality. Perhaps, you could trim it down to three. There’s the one we show in public, to co-workers or strangers. There’sContinue reading “How Subliminal Messaging And Unreliable Narrators Make Fight Club One Of The Best”

Why Close Encounters of the Third Kind Doesn’t Need A Real Plot

Sorry for this review being a day late. Unfortunately, things were stacking up, but I hope you enjoy it anyhow. Who knows, Tuesday could be the best day for a post… In a close encounter of the first kind, a UFO is seen, but no interaction with the environment is observed. In the second kind, physical effects are observed, likeContinue reading “Why Close Encounters of the Third Kind Doesn’t Need A Real Plot”

Is L.A. Confidential The Last Great Neo-Noir?

After investigating unknown, exotic and interesting genres for my Little Shop of Horrors review, there was one I stumbled upon that didn’t sound completely illogical and actually entertaining – neo noir. Now, you’ve probably heard of noir, a genre popularised in the 1940s and 50s, often based around crime and morose themes. We usually connateContinue reading “Is L.A. Confidential The Last Great Neo-Noir?”

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