Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: The Completely Unfathomable Enigma

Day three of the apocalypse, boys and girls, and isn’t it swell! I’ve always thought you could categorise films in four groups: eternal classics; enjoyable watches; trashy, yet watchable; and, obviously, complete and utter burning balls of fermenting garbage. But here’s a question: could a film possibly be all four? We may have a contender.Continue reading “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: The Completely Unfathomable Enigma”

Quiz: BOOM!

BOOM! BAM! BANG! Is there anything cooler? Slowly walking away from an explosion? Or even just a massive ball of burning fire, completely destroying anything in its path? So, what’s better than a quiz all about explosions? As usual, just guess the film that features the explosion. Good luck! Here’s the answers from last week,Continue reading “Quiz: BOOM!”