Trivia: The Office’s Top 23 Best Moments

You can find the review for The Office Series 1 to 3 by pressing on the link Well, hello there. Only recently, I finally finished The Office, 8 years too late. I was going to write a review for the last six series, but, the truth is, I can’t be bothered. If one person –Continue reading “Trivia: The Office’s Top 23 Best Moments”

Trivia: The Stars of Saturday Night Live Who Conquered Film

The conception of SNL started a year before it came to air in 1975. NBC president Herbert Schlosser approached his vice president, Dick Ebersol, and asked him to fill the Saturday night time slot. Ebersol sought out Lorne Michaels, developing the idea of a variety show featuring comedy sketches, political satire and musical performances, aimedContinue reading “Trivia: The Stars of Saturday Night Live Who Conquered Film”

Trivia: Top Ten Ozark Moments So Far

Ozark has been one of the best surprises in recent TV, taking home Emmy awards and countless nominations. I’ve reviewed all three series so far – you can find one, two and three just by clicking on the link – so if your interested in more in depth reviews of each singular series, have aContinue reading “Trivia: Top Ten Ozark Moments So Far”

Trivia: How The Sopranos Ended For Each Key Character

Still rubbing your chin, 14 years on, trying to remember whether Silvio died or survived? Or what job A.J. got? Or whether Paulie was promoted? What the hell happened to Junior? You came to the right place. I’ll be answering the question: How did The Sopranos end for each key character? You’ll see many articlesContinue reading “Trivia: How The Sopranos Ended For Each Key Character”

Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?

Do not worry, dear reader. I will still be reviewing a film or TV series twice a week, but alongside that I have decided to introduce Trivia. Every so often I’ll be answering questions relating to your favourite shows or flicks, giving my opinion and doing a lot of research. Maybe it will be moreContinue reading “Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?”

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