Better Call Saul: A Slow Motion Train Crash

WARNING: SPOILERS I’m back, baby! What has it been? Three weeks? A month? A year? I really couldn’t say, but who cares? And you’re in for a treat today, because what’s a better way to rise from the ashes than with the hit AMC series Better Call Saul? It’s hard to argue that this isn’tContinue reading “Better Call Saul: A Slow Motion Train Crash”

Moreish Mare of Easttown Proves You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

Well, this show has been all the rave recently, and in my typical fashion, I went into this one hoping that I’d be able to go against the tide and rip Mare of Easttown to pieces. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing that, but it’s not exactly a laudation either… Mare of Easttown is all aboutContinue reading “Moreish Mare of Easttown Proves You Can Have Too Much Of A Good Thing”

Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?

Do not worry, dear reader. I will still be reviewing a film or TV series twice a week, but alongside that I have decided to introduce Trivia. Every so often I’ll be answering questions relating to your favourite shows or flicks, giving my opinion and doing a lot of research. Maybe it will be moreContinue reading “Trivia: Why Do People Hate Skyler White?”

Has Ozark – Series 2 Grounded It Among The Best?

You can find the Ozark – Series 1 review here, and Ozark – Series 3 here. Watch out for SPOILERS as well. What a happy family, eh? Look at them. Who would have been able to guess that they were in the highest echelon’s of the crime world, desperately finding ways to save their livesContinue reading “Has Ozark – Series 2 Grounded It Among The Best?”

How Pivotal Are Women In Ozark – Series 1?

In The Sopranos review, I was unfortunately only able to appraise the full package instead of by series by series. Lucky for you, dear reader, I’ll be doing it chronologically for Ozark. However, the only danger is that I stumble upon something I don’t want to see later on in the show – commonly knowContinue reading “How Pivotal Are Women In Ozark – Series 1?”

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